The Democratic Nomination


 “The Democratic Line-Up at Baltimore”
  Cartoonist:  map
  Source:  Harper's Weekly
  Date:   June 22, 1912, pp. 14-15

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Complete HarpWeek Explanation:
On the eve of the Democratic National Convention, which opened in Baltimore on June 25, Harper’s Weekly published this map showing the distribution of pledged delegates for the leading Democratic presidential candidates—Speaker of the House Champ Clark, Governor Woodrow Wilson of New Jersey, and Congressman Oscar Underwood of Alabama. It also includes a table for the “Probable Vote First Ballot.” The numbers were not far off the actual vote, but underestimated in particular the tally for Governor Judson Harmon of Ohio, who received votes of the undeclared New York delegation through the first nine ballots. Favorite son candidates listed in the table are Governor Thomas Marshall of Indiana (who was nominated for vice president), Governor John Burke of North Dakota, and Mayor William Jay Gaynor of New York City (who did not get New York State’s 90 votes as assumed in the table). At the convention, the first ballot count was 440˝ for Clark, 324 for Wilson, 148 for Harmon, and 117˝ for Underwood.













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