“The Grizzly Bear”

lyrics by Irving Berlin

[1st verse:]
Out in San Francisco where the weather’s fair
They have a dance out there
They call the “Grizzly Bear”
All your other lovin’ dances don’t compare
Not so coony
But a little more than spoony
Talk about yo’ bears that Teddy Roosevelt shot
They couldn’t class with what
Old San Francisco’s got
Listen my honey, do
And I will show to you
The dance of the grizzly Bear

Hug up close to your baby
Throw your shoulders t’ward the ceilin’
Lawdy, lawdy, what a feelin’
Snug up close to your lady
Close your eyes and do some nappin’
Something nice is gwine to happen
Hug up close to your baby
Sway me everywhere
Show your darlin’ beau just how you go to Buffalo
Doin’ the grizzly bear

[2nd verse:]
Let’s sit down and rest a minute honey dear
My head feels awful queer
Please call the waiter near
”Water, water quick the lady’s gone I fear”
”Thank you, honey
In my purse, you’ll find some money
Where’s the man who showed me how to do that dance
That put me in a trance?
I’ll take another chance"
Now that I’ve got my breath
I’m his’n until death
Come on with yo’ grizzly Bear

[2nd chorus:]
Hug up close to your baby
Hypnotize me like a lizard
Shake yo’ self just like a blizzard
Snug up close to your lady
If they do that dance in heaven
Shoot me hon’ tonight at seven
Hug up close to your baby
Sway me everywhere
You and me is two, I’ll make it one when we get thro’
Doin’ the grizzly bear



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