The Economy


 “And It Spells ‘TAFT’!”
  Cartoonist:  Emil Flohri
  Source:  Judge
  Date:  September 26, 1908

Click to see a large version of this cartoon...

Click to see a large version of this cartoon

Complete HarpWeek Explanation:
In early 1908, both Democratic Puck and Republican Judge predicted that the poor state of the economy would likely be an issue that would hurt Republicans and help Democrats in the upcoming presidential campaign. However, this cover of the September 26 issue of Judge reveals how the economy had rebounded by the late summer, thereby boosting the electoral prospects of Republican presidential nominee William Howard Taft. Uncle Sam contentedly smokes a cigar and sits atop symbols of economic plenty as he points with satisfaction to productive factories, the smoke of which spells “TAFT.” The latter image and cartoon title are also a response to the political joke that “T. A. F. T.” was an acronym for “Take Advice from Theodore” (Roosevelt). The theme and design of the cartoon are similar to one during the campaign of 1900 in which cartoonist Grant Hamilton credited President William McKinley with the return of economic prosperity.













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