Roosevelt and Parker Compared


 “The Tree of Prosperity"
  Cartoonist:  Udo J. Keppler
  Source:  Puck
  Date:  September 28, 1904

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Complete HarpWeek Explanation:
In the Democratic Party Platform of 1904, an introductory section and a paragraph on “Fundamental Principles” were followed by a section entitled “Economy of Administration,” which called for reduced federal spending. It claimed, “Large reductions can easily be made in the annual expenditures of the Government without impairing the efficiency of any branch of the public service….” A later plank specifically endorsed reductions in military spending “to the point historically demonstrated to be safe and sufficient.” In this Puck cartoon, Democratic presidential nominee Alton B. Parker wields an axe in preparation for pruning the vines of “Extravagance,” “Militarism,” “High Tariff,” and “Trusts,” that are strangling the national “Tree of Prosperity.” The malevolent growths are being watered by a grinning President Theodore Roosevelt, who is dressed in his Rough-Rider military uniform.













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