Alton B. Parker: Pro and Con


 “The Applicant for the Presidency"
  Cartoonist:  Eugene Zimmerman
  Source:  Judge
  Date:  September 3, 1904

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Complete HarpWeek Explanation:
This cartoon in pro-Republican Judge admits that Democratic presidential nominee Alton B. Parker has “an honest look,” but rejects his application for the presidency because of his political associates (clockwise from lower-left): financier August Belmont Jr., Parker’s campaign treasurer; Senator Joseph Bailey of Texas; vice-presidential nominee Henry G. Davis with his “Coal Trust” barrel of money; Tammany Hall boss Charles F. Murphy; New York State Senator Patrick McCarren, who had been charged in the press (without denial) of being on the payroll of Standard Oil at $20,000 a year ($402,000 in 2002 dollars); Democratic National Committee Chairman Thomas Taggart of Indiana; John Stanchfield, the unsuccessful Democratic candidate for governor in 1900 and U.S. senator in 1901 and a protégé of David B. Hill (on whose lap he sits); Hill, Parker’s campaign manager; and, Congressman John Sharp Williams of Mississippi, the House minority leader. Parker’s candidacy is minimized further by depicting him as a boy. Davis is ridiculed on a poster in the background referring to the 80-year-old former senator as a “fossil.”













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