The Democratic Nomination


  Cartoonist:  Emil Flohri
  Source:  Judge
  Date:  April 2, 1904

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Complete HarpWeek Explanation:
This cover of Judge, the Republican humor magazine, presents Grover Cleveland “anxiously awaiting his call” to run for a third presidential term. References in the caption and on his satchel identifying the former Democratic chief executive as a “heavy tragedian” is a double entendre mocking his obesity and contrasting the idea of a serious actor with his image as a hobo-like theatrical has-been. The scroll on the backstage floor criticizes his inability to pass meaningful tariff reform while president and the wealth he accumulated in retirement as a lawyer, stock investor, and trustee of Princeton University. The book entitled “What I Know about Politics” adapts a comical theme that Harper’s Weekly cartoonist Thomas Nast used against Horace Greeley, the 1872 Democratic presidential nominee. Greeley had written a book called What I Know About Farming, and Nast incorporated “What I Know about…” in a series of cartoons to mock Greeley’s pretensions to expertise in various subjects. In this 1904 Judge cartoon, the title ridicules Cleveland as a pompous but failed politician.













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