The National Party Conventions


 "The Populists' Trap"
  Cartoonist:  William Allen Rogers
  Source:  Harper's Weekly
  Date:   June 20, 1896, p. 601

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Click to see a large version of this cartoon

Complete HarpWeek Explanation:
This postdated cover cartoon was published less than a week before the Republican National Convention opened in St. Louis. It is a warning to the GOP not to follow the lead of the Democratic Party into the Populist’s trap and sink into the “Free Silver” swamp. Although Democrats did not meet until early July, it was already clear to cartoonist W. A. Rogers and other political observers that the party would endorse “free silver.” The Populist “savages” who have laid the trap are (left-right): Senator William Morris Stewart of Nevada, a Silver Republican; Senator Marion Butler of North Carolina, elected as a Populist in 1895 and chairman of the Populist National Executive Committee; and Senator William Peffer of Kansas, who in 1891 had become the first Populist elected to the U.S. Senate.












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