Democratic Futility


 “Midsummer Madness”
  Cartoonist:  Victor Gillam
  Source:  Judge
  Date:   August 13, 1892, p. 97

Click to see a large version of this cartoon...

Click to see a large version of this cartoon

Complete HarpWeek Explanation:
This whimsical image was published in Judge’s special “Midsummer Madness” issue. Uncle Sam soars aloft as a large butterfly that is being futilely chased by Grover Cleveland’s campaign team, who are dressed as young boys. Capturing the White House and Congress (symbolically appearing on Uncle Sam’s wings) is clearly out of reach for the Democrats in 1892. The group of foolish lads include (left-right): Governor Robert Pattison of Pennsylvania; candidate Cleveland; Senator John Carlisle of Kentucky; Charles Fairchild, former treasury secretary in the first Cleveland administration (1885-1889); and vice-presidential nominee Adlai Stevenson of Illinois. At the Democratic National Convention, Fairchild had led the unsuccessful fight to challenge the credentials of New York’s delegation pledged (at the “snap” state convention) to Senator David B. Hill.













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