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 “Let Us Have Peace, Now a President is Elected”
  Cartoonist:  Joseph Keppler
  Source:  Cartoons From "Puck"
  Date:   November 3, 1880, p. 59

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Complete HarpWeek Explanation:
Since the November 3 issue of Puck went to press before the results of the presidential election were known, artist Joseph Keppler presents female personifications of the two parties reaching out to shake hands. On closer inspection, however, this illustration is a clever picture-puzzle which incorporates the faces of prominent politicians into the landscape. The figures include: Senator Roscoe Conkling of New York; Senator James Blaine of Maine; Interior Secretary Carl Schurz; Marshall Jewell, former postmaster-general; Republican vice-presidential nominee Chester Arthur; former president Ulysses S. Grant; President Rutherford Hayes; Samuel Tilden, the 1876 Democratic presidential nominee; Democratic vice-presidential nominee William English; Senator John Logan; Tammany Hall boss John Kelly; former congressman Benjamin Butler; Senator Thomas Bayard of Delaware; and former Democratic party chairman Abraham Hewitt.












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