Superb Hancock and Awful Democrats


 “Just the Difference”
  Cartoonist:  Joseph Keppler
  Source:  Cartoons From "Puck"
  Date:   July 28, 1880, p. 43

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Click to see a large version of this cartoon

Complete HarpWeek Explanation:
To cartoonist Joseph Keppler of Puck magazine, the key difference in the presidential race is the burden that the Democratic party imposes on its nominee, General Winfield Hancock. The strong Hancock bravely shoulders the Democratic Donkey, which is blinded by stupidity, earmarked for "soft-money" schemes, saddled with sympathy to the former Confederate cause, and pulled down by the desire for political "spoils" (patronage) of Tammany Hall boss John Kelly, appearing as an Irish leprechaun. Meanwhile, his Republican presidential rival, James Garfield, has the advantage of a gallant white steed, the Republican party, which will carry him swiftly to the White House. According to the artist, Garfield's disadvantages are minor encumbrances: his Stalwart vice-presidential running-mate Chester Arthur and Garfield's involvement in the Credit Mobilier (September 1872) and de Golyer scandals. (The latter concerned Garfield using his influence as chair of the House Appropriations Committee to issue a favorable contract to a paving company.)












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