Grant's Candidacy


 "The Baby That Won't Talk at Present"
  Cartoonist:  Unknown
  Source:  Harper's Weekly
  Date:   February 15, 1868, p. 112

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Caption: Nurse W ------e. "Bless your souls, ladies, the child won't talk for several months yet."

Dame A. J. "Say 'My Policy!' that's a little dear."

Mother W.H.S------d. "Yes, Baby: say 'My-my-My Policy!' that's a nice 'ittle darling."

Lady Ben W----e. "Now, my Precious, put down that 'ittle horse one minute, and say 'Con-gress.' "

Granny Henry W-----n. "Yes, my Pet, say 'Re-con-struc-tion.' "

Madame A. T. S----t. "Here's a penny for Baby: say 'Greenbacks,' darling - 'Green-backs!' "

Complete HarpWeek Explanation:
Republican and Democratic "matrons" dote over General Ulysses S. Grant, each hoping that he will be the presidential nominee of their respective party. Party leaders, as well as potential rivals, want to know where Grant stands on various issues, particularly Reconstruction and monetary policy. The figures are (l-r): businessman A. T. Stewart; Senator Henry Wilson of Massachusetts; former Virginia governor Henry Wise holding Grant; Congressman Benjamin Wade; Secretary of State William Seward; and President Andrew Johnson.












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