Lincoln in Confederate and British Eyes


 “The Federal Phoenix”
  Cartoonist:  Unknown
  Source:  Punch
  Date:   December 3, 1864, p. 229

Click to see a large version of this cartoon...

Click to see a large version of this cartoon

Complete HarpWeek Explanation:
Like its Liberal counterpart, Fun, the Conservative-leaning British humor magazine Punch (1841-1992, 1996-2002) relentlessly criticized the administration of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln and the Union war effort. Disappointment over his reelection is manifest in this Punch cartoon portraying Lincoln as the proverbial phoenix arising from the ashes of “Commerce,” “United States Constitution,” “Free Press,” “States Rights,” “Habeas Corpus” (the right to be charged with a crime or released from police custody), and [Financial] “Credit”—all of which the president and his administration were supposedly destroying.













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