Voting and Election Results


 “The Giant Majority Carrying Abe Lincoln Safely through Troubled Waters to the White House,”
  Cartoonist:  Frank Bellew
  Source:  Frank Leslie’s Budget of Fun
  Date:   December 1, 1864, p. 9

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Complete HarpWeek Explanation:
This Budget of Fun cartoon celebrates Republican Abraham Lincoln’s reelection as president. The “Giant Majority” carrying him to victory consisted of 55% of the popular vote to George McClellan’s 45%. Here, the Democratic nominee carries the burden of a demon wearing a “Minority” dunce cap, while the braying “Peace” donkey sinks along with the “Chicago Platform.” Lincoln’s Electoral College victory was even more impressive: 212 to 21. McClellan won only three states: New Jersey, Delaware, and Kentucky.

Lincoln’s popular vote was the third largest percentage in a presidential election in the 19th century, surpassed only by Democrat Andrew Jackson’s first victory in 1828 and Republican Ulysses S. Grant’s reelection in 1872 (both received 56%). It has been estimated that Lincoln received 78% of the vote of Union soldiers and sailors. The amount was not necessary for his reelection, but may have provided the margin of victory in a few close states and, more importantly, was of great symbolic value. Republicans also gained seats in Congress to retain unassailable control, 149 to 42 in the House and 42 to 10 in the Senate; took back several state legislatures; and lost only the governorship of New Jersey (McClellan’s home state).













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