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 "Deplorable Result of Lincoln's Election"
  Cartoonist:  Henry Louis Stephens
  Source:  Vanity Fair
  Date:   November 10, 1860, p. 236

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Click to see a large version of this cartoon

Caption: As depicted by the Herald and Express

On the house top Horace Greeley is, of course, seen fiddling over the ruins of our beloved country. To the left you behold the pure-minded and upright J.G.B.shutting up shop preparatory to returning to his native land. Cows graze in Fulton Street. Desolation everywhere, and the world done for generally.

Complete HarpWeek Explanation:
This post-election Vanity Fair cartoon shows the result of Lincolnís election on two of the nationís most politically important newspaper editors, Democrat James Gordon Bennett of the New York Herald and Republican Horace Greeley of the New York Tribune. The artist pictures Bennett putting up the shutters on the Herald building in preparation for migration back to his native Scotland. The street scene in the background underscores the ruin that Lincolnís election would bring. That theme is intensified in the final panel in which Greeley fiddles, ŗ la Nero, while the country burns.












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