Lincoln and the Republicans


 “The Slaughter of Seward”
  Cartoonist:  Hoyt
  Source:  Campaign Plain Dealer
  Date:   July 7, 1860, p. 3

Click to see a large version of this cartoon...

Click to see a large version of this cartoon

Complete HarpWeek Explanation:
Chicago was known for its stockyards and slaughterhouses for cattle. This Campaign Plain Dealer cartoon uses the analogy of a cattle slaughterhouse for the Republican National Convention at Chicago’s Wigwam. Presidential nominee Abraham Lincoln prepares to knock out the party’s brains: Senator William Henry Seward of New York, the frontrunner who was defeated by Lincoln. The three Republican editors of New York newspaper are (left-right): James Watson Webb of the Courier and Enquirer, Thurlow Weed of the Evening Journal, and Horace Greeley of the Tribune. Weed was a major backer of Seward, as evidenced by his shock in this cartoon, while Greeley’s switch at the convention from Edward Bates of Missouri to Lincoln helped secure the nomination for the former Illinois congressman. “Black Republican” was a derogatory term used to associate the party with abolitionism.













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